Following are common connection errors that may be encountered:

General Connection Errors

If you get one of the following errors when you try to Logon



Then you need to check two things.

1. First you need to check that you have internet access by opening your Internet Browser and going to a web site.

If you are prompted for a username and password please remember them as you will need them later.

2. Secondly you need to check that your WinSMS Proxy Server settings are configured correctly, to do this open up Microsoft Internet Explorer (other browsers will have similar settings in similar places).

Click on Tools > Internet Options


Then click on Connections


Click on “LAN Settings”


Please write down the settings under “Proxy server” if there are no settings configured then you need to contact your network administrator.

Next we have to open up the WinSMS Desktop Client software.

Once open Click on File > Preferences.


Next click on Proxy Server


Make sure “Use a proxy server” is ticked

Proxy Type is normally set to WebStandard.

Proxy Server and Proxy port are the setting we wrote down in Internet Explorer.

If prompted for user name and password while opening Internet Explorer then put those values in Proxy User Name and Proxy Password else leave blank.

Next click on “Ok”.

Now that we have put these settings in we need to test if the WinSMS Desktop Client Software works.

Click on File > Go Online


This User Name and Password is the user name and password given to you by WinSMS.


If you are still having Logon problems please contact either your Network Administrator or contact WinSMS Support.

Using Norton Internet Security?

If you are running Norton Internet Security (or similar anti virus software) you may also get a connection error due to the WinSMS application being blocked from accessing the WinSMS web site.

The following instructions show how to configure Norton Internet Security to allow WinSMS through the firewall. The same concept applies if you are running any other anti virus or firewall software.

Double click on the norton internet security icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


The following screen will be displayed:


Click on Personal Firewall


Click on Configure


Click on Programs


Click on add

Browse to WinSMS.exe in C:\Program files\WinSMS

Double click on WinSMS.exe


Set Program Control to Permit, then click on Ok


Click on Ok again.

Exit Norton Internet security by clicking on the red cross (top right).

Restart the WinSMS desktop client software.

Using Bit Defender Internet Security

Open Bit defender by double clicking on the red circle icon in your task bar.


The following screen will be displayed…


Click on “Switch to Advanced View”

The following screen will be displayed…


Click on “Firewall” down the left hand side of the screen.

The following screen will be displayed…


Click on the “Rules” tab along the top of the screen.

The following screen will be displayed…


If c:\program files\winsms\winsms.exe is on the screen already then click on the “+” button in front of it.

The following screen will be displayed…


Double click on “Any Adapter”


Under “Action” click on “Allow” then click on “OK”

Restart the WinSMS desktop client software and try to log on.

If c:\program files\winsms\winsms.exe is not on the list the click on the “+” sign


The following screen will be displayed….


Click on the “Browse” button


Double click on the WinSMS folder.


Double click on WinSMS.exe


Click on “Allow” button under “Action” then click on “OK”

Click on “Switch to Basic” button along the top of the screen.

Exit and open the WinSMS desktop client software and try log on

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