Web Push Notifications

You can now enable web push notifications in the WinSMS Client Zone. If you enable this option, notifications of replies, new features, special offers, low and daily credit balance will appear on the desktop of your PC.


New Send SMS options

The WinSMS client zone Send SMS functionality has been removed. We have better systems in place that can be used to send a single message or to send bulk messages. These systems are based on better technology, therefore they are easier to use, more robust and have more functionality.


How the WinSMS long/short code system works

A long Code is a 10 digit number dedicated to receiving SMS messages. Perfect for equipment and devices that are restricted from sending messages to a short code.

A short code is a 5 digit catchy number dedicated to receiving SMS messages. Perfect for competitions as well as getting information from your customers.


How to Register with WinSMS

Before you can send SMS messages through the WinSMS SMS Gateway, you need to register an account with WinSMS in order to get your login name and password.

Whether you are using our WinSMS Software, or your own custom integration, you need to use the same login name and password in order to connect to the gateway, and to access the Client Zone.


Click Here to Register

I cannot remember what my login name and password is.

Your WinSMS login name is normally your e-mail address. You can use the WinSMS password recovery page to retrieve your WinSMS username and password via SMS or e-mail, to do so please click here.

Please note: You WinSMS username and password can only be sent to the registered cell phone number or e-mail address of your WinSMS profile.

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

How do I purchase more credits?

To top-up your credit balance login to the client zone here and click on “Purchase Credits” where you will be able to print out an invoice for EFT and direct deposits, or immediately buy credits using a credit or debit card.

Please use your account number as your payment reference to avoid delays in processing your credits.


Before I register, what will it cost me monthly?

There are no monthly subscription fees, registration is free which includes a number of free test credits.

1 SMS credit = 1 SMS message for sending a 160 character message to local networks.

International rates vary from country to country.

Long messages (> 160 characters) use more than one credit – click here for more information on long messages.