There Are Basically Three Ways You Can Refer People To WinSMS

1. Word of mouth

By talking to them and telling them to go to the WinSMS web site at

If you tell someone to go to, you must also tell them that when they register on the registration page, they must enter your Affiliate ID in the box provided.


2. Email

By emailing them your unique link (URL) that points to the WinSMS web site.

If you want use email to refer people to WinSMS, you must include your unique link for them to click on.

You will find your link in the client zone in the Rewards section, it will look something like:

Now when someone clicks on your link to go to the WinSMS web site, we are able to identify who referred them, because their browser tells our tracking software what the entire URL was, which happens to contain your Affiliate ID.

When they register on the registration page, your Affiliate ID is automatically linked to their profile, which enables us to determine who should get commission when they purchase credits.

3. Web site banners

By placing WinSMS banners on your web site.

Banners work in pretty much the same way as using your link in an email. If you have your own web site and want to use a banner to refer people to the WinSMS web site, have a look at the Links and Banners section for instructions and the HTML code required to display the banner.

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