The WinSMS Rewards Program is free to join and enables you to earn an ongoing commission for life, on the purchases of people you refer to WinSMS, as well as upfront cash bonuses when your referrals purchase credits.

In this tip, we are going to show you how to join the reward program. For more information on the rewards program please click here.

Joining The WinSMS Rewards Program

Go to and login with your WinSMS username and password. (If you have forgotten your WinSMS credentials then please use the password recovery page)

Click on the “SMS Rewards” tab.


Check the “I agree to comply with the WinSMS affiliate terms and conditions” check box and click on the “Click here to earn CREDITS” or the “Click here to earn MONEY” button depending on which you would like to earn.


If you chose “Click here to earn CREDITS” click “OK” on the “Star Earning Rewards” popup.


If you chose “Click here to earn MONEY” click “OK” on the “Star Earning Rewards” popup.


Congratulations you have just joined the WinSMS rewards program.

Now you have access to three new “SMS rewards” buttons as well as some handy WinSMS rewards program information.

The first button “Commission Earned” will give you a statement of commission earned.


The second button “Referred Clients” will give you a list of the clients you have referred to WinSMS.


The third button “Links & Banners” is the most important button as this will give you access to links and banners you may use to refer clients to WinSMS.


You can also give potential clients your sales agent code that they can manually enter on the WinSMS Registration Page.


If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us here.