A REST API (Representational State Transfer) is an application program interface (API) that mainly uses the HTTP protocol requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data from a program to a responsive web service.

An SMS REST API is the easiest way for software developers to send SMS messages using your existing software and websites.

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Modules You Can Query With The WinSMS REST API

With the WinSMS REST API you will be able to query the following modules…


  1. Get – Get your current WinSMS credit balance.
  2. Post – Transfer credits between main and sub accounts.


  1. Post – Send SMS messages.
  2. Post – Get SMS delivery statuses.
  3. Get – Get a list of scheduled SMS messages.
  4. Post – Delete scheduled SMS messages and refund credits.
  5. Get – Get a list of incoming SMS messages.

Short/Long codes.

  1. Get a list of incoming short/long code messages


You are going to need an API key before you test or use the WinSMS REST API, to get one follow the following instructions…

Go to www.winsms.co.za/login and login with your WinSMS username and password.

Click on “My Profile”


Click on the “Developers” tab


You can copy your API key from this tab and use it in our SMS REST API.

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