Upgrading WinSMS to Version 3.6

It is very important to keep the WinSMS desktop client up to date as we are constantly improving the application for speed, security, improving existing features and adding new features. Version 3.6 has various bug fixes and increased security.


Quick Start Viewlets

It is highly recommended that you watch the following viewlets before using the WinSMS desktop client software.

Click on a viewlet button below to watch the presentation in a new window.


Importing Contacts from Excel

Open the Excel spreadsheet that contains your contacts and do the following to clean your list:

  1. Check that all the contacts have valid cell numbers.
  2. Delete any contacts that don’t have cell numbers.
  3. Remove any empty rows.
  4. Remove all commas (,) from the spreadsheet.


Installing Multiple Instances of WinSMS

Motivation for having multiple WinSMS installations.

One reason for considering running multiple installations of WinSMS would be if you need to send messages from one computer using more than one WinSMS account and each account having its own set of contacts and reply Inbox.