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FTP an ASCII file:

FTP API File Formats

Two file formats are supported:

1. Comma Delimited With Quotes (Required Fields in Bold):

Line 1: “UserName”,”Password”,”200602241900”

Line 2: “CellNumber”,”Message”,”RecipientFirstName”,”RecipientSurname”

Line 3: “CellNumber”,”Message”,”RecipientFirstName”,”RecipientSurname”

Line 4: “CellNumber”,”Message”,”RecipientFirstName”,”RecipientSurname”

Etc …

2. Comma Delimited Without Quotes (Required Fields in Bold):

Line 1: UserName,Password,200602241900

Line 2: CellNumber,Message,RecipientFirstName,RecipientSurname

Line 3: CellNumber,Message,RecipientFirstName,RecipientSurname

Line 4: CellNumber,Message,RecipientFirstName,RecipientSurname

Etc …


  1. Do not include line numbers.
  2. An FTP access account must first be requested and set up on the gateway in order to gain access to FTP root directory.
  3. If using the file format Comma Delimited WITHOUT Quotes, be sure not to include any commas in the body of the Message field.
  4. To schedule the batch for later delivery, include the date/time (GMT+2) on the first line.





This batch will be scheduled for 19H00 on 24 February 2012.

NB. Any individual messages longer than 918 characters will be truncated to 918 characters. You will not be notified of this truncation. This is because large FTP files could contain thousands of messages that are too long, and a notification for each message would be impractical. Please ensure that each individual message in the file is no longer than 918 characters (taking into account the characters that count as 2 characters, mentioned on page 1)